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How to Stimulate Hair Growth in Winter

Massaging your scalp regularly can help stimulate hair growth in winter. You can use your fingertips or a tool to massage your scalp. Aromatherapy oils like lavender, peppermint, rosemary, or eucalyptus can also be used to stimulate the cellular activity in your scalp and stimulate growth. They also help to lubricate the scalp so your fingers can glide over the roots.

Taking vitamin-rich foods is another way to encourage hair growth during the cold months. Vitamin-rich food contains essential nutrients that promote hair growth, like zinc and iron. These are found in leafy greens, lean meats, nuts, and seafood. Drinking plenty of water can also help your body stay healthy and prevent illnesses, like colds and flu.

A healthy diet and sufficient hydration are essential for healthy hair growth during the winter. If you do not have time to do these things, a hair growth supplement like NATUCAIN Hair Activator can be an ideal companion for your winter hair loss. It contains active ingredients that have been shown to reduce hair loss by 90% and promote hair growth by 93%.

Using a humidifier can help reduce hair strand dryness. A humidifier can also reduce hair frizz. Using an aroma lamp with essential oils can also be helpful. In addition to providing moisture, essential oils can control the levels of cortisol, a hormone that is connected to hair growth.

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