The 613 Wig – Bold and Classic

The 613 wig comes in a variety of styles and colors, from blonde to platinum blonde. The hair of this style can be dyed to any shade you like. It can also be straightened and curled. This style is also available in a full lace wig. Ula hair carries different blonde 613 wigs, including some with crimped ends.

The 613 wig is made of human hair. It has a large lace front cutoff, so you can part the hair in the front. The hair is also restyleable and can be pre-plucked. Unlike synthetic wigs, this wig will last you for many years, provided you properly care for it.

The 613 wig comes in different color options, including blonde, brown, red, and even black. These options make it easy to find a wig to match your style and hair color. The 613 wig is pre-colored, so you will not need to bleach it before you use it. However, the hair can be dyed to any color you want.

The 613 hair color is bold and classic. It is customizable and can be matched to your skin tone. You can even create your own unique shade using dark roots and highlights. You can also create an ombre effect or add highlights to make it more natural. The 613 hair is made from high-quality human hair, making it incredibly soft and natural.

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