Types of Air Compressors

There are several different types of air compressors. Each is designed to perform a specific task. Most of these compressors use reciprocating motion to compress air. They have an inlet and outlet valve. The inlet valve is used to draw in air, while the outlet valve closes when the air has been pumped out.

Axial air compressors are not typically used in construction projects, but are found in ships and high-speed engines. They are more expensive than other types of air compressors. Axial compressors are best suited for aerospace applications that require high horsepower. They can also be used for spray painting in a paint shop. Both axial and centrifugal air compressors work by compressing air at high pressure in a small area.

The efficiency of air compressors depends on how well they are controlled. Most systems don’t operate at full load all of the time, so the way they are controlled will affect how efficiently they operate and how efficiently they use energy. One of the most basic control strategies involves a start/stop strategy, in which the motor driving the compressor responds to a pressure switch. Start/stop strategies are appropriate for compressors with less than 30 horsepower.

Scroll compressors are another type of displacement air compressor. These compressors are typically found on smaller work sites. They are also not designed for continuous use. They have more moving parts and are lubricated with oil. They compress air by moving a piston in a cylinder. These compressors come in single and multi-stage versions.

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